Code of conduct

Our Values


We offer safe, authorized and responsible betting, with a proactive and dynamic approach that seeks to minimize the threat of compulsive or illegal gambling among vulnerable people and underage users.

We seek to gain sustainable business success in a sensible and diligent manner, working to guarantee a fair and transparent treatment.

We are committed to legal and responsible advertising that gives consumers an honest and appropriate image of our services.

We proactively encourage the observation of every anti-money laundering proceeding, including supervision and prevention methods to tackle illegal or fraudulent activities.

We strongly demand that our members follow the applicable laws, policies and regulations of each jurisdiction.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities, in an inclusive work environment that respects the individuality, dignity, and diversity of employees.

We believe that confidentiality and client privacy are of utmost importance. We carefully keep the confidential information of every client and protect it with the highest possible security standards.