OGL Online Gaming Latam
Image Latin America’s Network of Online Gaming Providers and Operators

The Online Gaming Industry has a voice in Latin America

Online Gaming Latam (OGL) is the only non-profit organization gathering the main providers and operators of online gaming and sports betting across the region.


These are the companies that make up Online Gaming Latam:


Vision and Mission


We aim to build a place for operators and providers from the entertainment and online gambling sectors, to advance regulations and promote legality, social responsibility and transparency around the industry.


Contribute to the approval, improvement and regulation of gaming, supporting its development and ensuring it is sustainable in time.


Unify ethical standards to boost legality and promote this activity as a regulated and transparent business alternative.

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Online Gaming Latam carries out the following activities


We hold meetings, training sessions, and working groups aimed at the professional development of businessmen and executives from the Latin-American online gambling industry.

A source of information

for public authorities, regulators, and National and Regional Governments, on everything related to the online gaming sector and its different versions.

Spreading expert information

as well as campaigns to promote the activity, both within the corporate sector (B2B) and towards the general public (B2C).

An authoritative voice

that represents its associates in events, international congresses, local associations and forums.

Conducts market surveys

and comparative analysis to review and design the present and future of this thriving business sector.


Access our different business advantages and make the best of the networking opportunities available for our associate companies.




Responsible Gaming

We work to offer a safe gaming environment, reducing the potential damage to vulnerable players.

At Online Gaming Latam we advance and support Responsible Gaming initiatives among our members, paying particular attention to the design of indicative programs for problem gamblers and their families. We also give professional counseling to online operators on key areas such as client communication, and we advise government authorities and regulators on self-exclusion policies.

Among our different activities, we seek to create specified material designed to protect online casino consumers and sports bettors. We are present in all main social media platforms where, through campaigns, digital audiovisual content and graphics, we work to educate players on the consequences that may arise when we do not take gambling as a mere form of entertainment, and on the serious damages that may be caused by playing in excess.

As an organization that brings together all major legal gaming operators in the region, regulators across the continent see us accredited advocators. They listen to our voice when it comes to the proposal and review of measures aimed at reducing problem gambling among digital users. We stand before national and regional authorities to support all player protection campaigns and access restrictions for people under 18 years old. We also advocate every measure designed to tackle illegal gambling in all its forms, given that it does not offer any guarantee to players and does not contribute at all with States within regulated markets across Latin America.